Watercolor Paints


Peppercorn Studio is an inspiring space that will provide you with opportunities to help you to produce unique artworks. I like a stress free atmosphere so classes are kept informal and small.

Classes are technique based. You will be taught how to work with a variety of techniques and supported to build your skills within an area.  You are free to choose your own themes and imagery. I will provide you with technical help and guidance.

​I believe in flexibility, offering casual classes, no advanced payments, not being locked in, just pay as you go.


WEEKLY ART CLASSES  - Thursday 7-9pm

Choose your own adventure       

$25 per session

TONAL PAINTING FOR BEGINNERS:                     

Techniques covered, drawing, colour, painting with acrylics

(Includes introductory materials only)


Techniques covered, mono printing, linocut, collagraph

(includes introductory materials only)


Techniques covered, pinch, coil, slab, throwing

(Does not include materials or firing, will recommend supplier and firing service)


Peppercorn Studio

125 Shelton Road

Upper Pakenham