Rachel Waters, Recruitment Specialist

"Had soooooo much fun at Monique's clay hand building workshop. Living in the city it was great to spend the day at her rustic mud brick studio surrounded by nature. I loved that the workshop was introduced with a couple of small set projects to build my skills that I could then apply to my a project of my own choice. Having the opportunity to try different types of clay was really useful as was learning about all the things you can find around your home that can become tools to help you make something really unique. Monique has seemingly endless creativity and she freely shares her ideas and secrets with you - things I can put in my 'toolbox' for my next project. While working with clay was not entirely new for me, when working on my own I was constantly getting stuck and frustrated as too often things weren't turning out how I envisaged. Having Monique on hand to help me plan out my approach and troubleshoot when things started to go wrong was invaluable. I would never have been able to complete my project if I was on my own and now I feel a lot more confident to tackle my next project. I learnt heaps, had the yummiest grazing platter for lunch and a really enjoyable day. Was worth every penny and I'm absolutely stocked with the result!"


Heather Carver, Retired Teacher

" I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed art classes. I have really appreciated your gentle guidance and teaching. You have helped me feel brave and to have a go. I will miss Thursday nights but definitely continue exploring on my own. Many thanks."